Avast Uninstall Utility 18.1.3800.0 updated 02/12/2018

Avast Uninstall Utility 18.1.3800.0 updated 02/12/2018

As we all know, most antivirus software and security software are tightly integrated with the operating system. So if you need to remove them from the system and uninstall them improperly, this can cause system crashes. Therefore, you must use the uninstall utility provided by the corresponding antivirus software vendor.

If you are using Avast as an anti-virus tool to protect your system, but for some reason you have to remove this application, and are having trouble, Avast Clear will be the tool to help you uninstall the Avast software from the system quickly and easily.

Avast Uninstall Utility 18.1.3800.0  can completely remove Avast when the Add/Remove programs option does not work properly.

                                     Avast Uninstall Utility 18.1.3800.0


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How to uninstall Avast using Avast Software Uninstall Utility 18.1.3800.0

  • Download aswclear.exe on your desktop 
  • Start Windows in Safe Mode (reboot, tap f8)
  • Open (execute) the uninstall utility 
  • If you installed avast! in a different folder than the default, browse for it. (Note: Be careful! The content of any folder you choose will be deleted!) 
  • Click REMOVE 
  • Restart your computer 

Link download Avast Software Uninstall Utility 18.1.3800.0:


Avast Uninstall Utility 18.1.3800.0 updated 02/12/2018
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